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Can you name the F Words in Current Events (no bad ones)?

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This man's death in early April sparked the Baltimore riots later that month
A message discovered by Reddit users will be sent by your _______ and will shut your iphone down.
A newly discovered fossilized jaw shows there was a hominid that lived in the same ______ as Lucy over 3 million years ago! This new hominid has smaller teeth suggesting it ate dif
This automotive company recalled 423,000 vehicles due to a steering problem in 2011-2013 models
This new drug is on its way of becoming an epidemic like the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1990's. The drug has become increasingly popular due to its low price and its cocaine-lik
Officials from what international sports organization were arrested for corruption and fraud by accepting bribes all the way up to 150 million dollars over a 20 year span
The Richmond soaring rodent has another chance to win the Baseball America’s LogoMania.

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