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ISIS is driving out the Iraqi ____ in Ramadi.
ISIS capture of Ramadi renews criticism over US troop pullout, _________ strategy
This hard shelled animal was shot at in Georgia, but ended up reflecting the bullet off its shell, and hit a 76 year old woman in the back.
The billion dollar electronic company recently released the ______ Watch, named after themselves.
The President of this country recently joined Twitte
The 100th anniversary of this genocide was on April 24, 2015
In Hawaii a military _______ crashed in Marine Corps leading people to question about the new Marine Planes.
After 14 seasons, this Fox show ______ _____, announces the next season will be its lasttwo words
This 6 foot reptile came from the marsh to a South Carolina Taco Bell, frightening workers and customers
HintAnswerExtra Hint
Mercury used in illegal gold mining is causing people who live along what river in South America, to get sick?
2024 Summer Olympics potential bid from Boston may be changed to Los______.
Town in ___ where thousands of spiders fell from the sky and left their webs covering the whole town very unexpectedly leaving the people mystified
Avengers movie is now officially the biggest movie of 2015, and was the fastest movie to reach the $350 million mark, after just 16 daysThree words
In Tennessee, woman now have to wait 48 hours before having their doctors begin a very *controversial procedure
___ might join Dancing with the Stars in the fall after being out of the spotlight for a long time recovering and become stable again
When racing in the Indy 500's, cars needs superb.
the ____ company will make the unlocked inexpensive phone to the U.S market

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