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What berry does Katniss threaten to eat that also kills Foxface?
What weapon is used on Clove (District 2), ultimately leading to her death?
What is the name of Haymitch's friend from District 11?
From District Two, what is the name of the survivor of the 3rd Quarter Quell?
What is the drug that the District 6 tributes (Book 2) turn to?
Where does Katniss spend her first night in any arena?
Who kills the girl from District 8 in Book 1?
What are Peeta and Katniss referred to as in the Capitol?
What adorns Katniss's second interview dress?
What lies in the one-o'clock wedge of the clock?
What does Katniss call the twins that help her on her mission to assassinate Snow (Book 3)?
What is the name of the device that Boggs hands over to Katniss before his death?
Who, at the end of the trilogy, is the new leader of Panem?
What is Beetee's weapon of choice?
Who does Katniss call a 'canary'?
How does Katniss obtain water in her second arena?
Name one of Gale's siblings
What is the name of Prim's cat?
What color is the katniss root/ plant?
Which Games featured Haymitch Abernathy as the victor?

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