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Can you name the Stargate SG-1 Daniel Deaths?

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DescriptionEpisode NameSeason
Staff blast meant for O'NeillFilm
Staff blasts to whole team by Apophis and his JaffaSeason 1
Kidnapped by the last survivor of an aquatic raceSeason 1
His AU counterpart dead on Earth by alien invasionSeason 1
Staff blast to the chest, Daniel is left behind on Apophis' shipSeason 1
Crushed in the mines, Daniel needed a sarcophagus to reviveSeason 2
Trapped in an old man's body, he briefly goes into cardiac arrestSeason 2
The team is separated and each told they are the sole survivor, Daniel is believed to be dead by at least 3 peopleSeason 2
The team think they've been shot, but it's all a Jaffa training exerciseSeason 3
In a possile future, the team get shot trying to save their past and their futureSeason 4
DescriptionEpisode NameSeason
Daniel goes into cardiac arrest whilst suffering from withdrawalSeason 4
Daniel is decapitated, but it turns out he's a robotSeason 4
Radiation PoisoningSeason 5
Daniel takes on Anubis, and his fate is uncertainSeason 6
Recovering from injuries on an alien world, his team don't know what happenedSeason 8
Daniel goes into a virtual reality to help Teal'c, who tries to kill himSeason 8
Stabbed in the midsection by repli-CarterSeason 8
In an alternate universe, Daniel is infected with a Goa'uld and killed by Teal'cSeason 8
Forced to leave a frostbitten Daniel on the frozen tundra, Carter and Mitchell think he must be deadFilm

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