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Can you name the Inside joke from our past 3 or 4 years at the 4th table?

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*Squeak squeak*
That's *blank* in sock monkey 
*Blank* is a cancerous meme
Only smashing it can kill it 
100 bottles af meelk on de waal
one day he'll get the lyrics right 
Focus your eyes *blank*
You should be looking at me not the window! 
He's meh dood
Don't mess with my dood 
666 party with the devil *blank*
You needed my help to get that one 
He's gotta poptart and it's mine
He gonna bust a mighty fast nut in the french poodle next door
As long as I don't get noodered 
It is one of my billion nick names
Not my fault 
Fast as...
Profanity is bad.. 
Nuggets and cards equal...
Poor chickens 
How do you cure autism? (Ian version)
It is not messed up I swear 
Gotta yell it like this guys watch!
I'm a *blank* and I run fast
You really really needed my help for that one 
He's the muffin man
Blame Matesick not me 
He's got snow in July but that's alright!
You should get some help with that 
Wanna play AoEII?
Gimme yo milk
Its Nerf or nothing *blank* its Nerf or nothing
We need lives lol 
This might have been hard 
I'm too lazy to make this better so guess something I've said in my life time
Ha you probably sucked at this question 

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