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Name the metahumans/villains' nicknames in the Flash based on the rest of the conversation about them.

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Cisco: Meet _______ _____. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something cooler.
Cisco: Well, at least _________ won’t be able to hurt anyone else. Told you I’d come up with a cool name.
Cisco: Or at least a way to stop him from turning into a ____. The ____! Okay, that’s his name. End of discussion.
Cisco: I figured out a way to track _______ ____. Caitlin: You gotta stop naming these guys.
Cisco: Behold! I call him ______. Caitlin: For the record, not my idea.
Cisco: We could've called him ________. Wells: He had a name, Cisco.
Cisco: Blah, blah, blah, no prison can hold me, heard it all before, pal! Adios, _____.
Caitlin: I liked _______ ______. Cisco: Okay, you don't get to pick the names.
Cisco: We set up a ton of super capacitors, smooth out the inflection points and, voila! A kick ass force field to trap the _______ _____. That was me testing out a name.
Cisco: I think you mean… the _______ _____. What? He said it, not me. And he’s right. Yellow suit, red lightning, and evil. The reverse of Barry. Wells: Actually I kind of like
Cisco: When the heat gun was fired, it increased the surrounding temperature of the air dramatically. Sort of like an extreme ____ ____. ____ ____! Wells: Stop doing that.
Barry: To be able to control the weather like that indoors, Cisco: You’d have to be a… _______ ______! Ooh, been waiting since week one to use that one.
Cisco: We need to stop this bug-eyed glasses woman. Raymond: And her mini bandits. Both Cisco and Raymond: ___ ____ ______.
Lisa: Oh, come on. You made my gun, least you can do is give me a badass alias. Please? Cisco: Fine. ______ ______. Lisa: Smart is sexy, Cisco.
Caitlin:That’s it, it’s like one of those controlled fusion devices. Cisco: _______? Caitlin: Yes! Exactly!
Patty: Barry, did you hear I was right about ____ _____? Cisco ‘____ _____’, nice name! Patty: Yeah, ____ _____ almost ate the Flash!
Kendra: I’m gonna have to learn how to use these things. Cisco: You’ll get the hang of it… ________.
Cisco: He’s slowing down everything around him. And that is why we call him the ______.
Barry: So, whoever killed him is like a walking- Cisco: ___ ___! Mm, too slow. It’s okay.
Cisco: Yeah, social media app for the win! ___ _____ is back! ___ _____? Ugh. What? No. Losing my touch over here.
Eliza: Eliza’s not here right now. My name is __________. Cisco: Oh, why do the crazy ones always name themselves?

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