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A: Reploid who altered his body to grow old with his love
B: Bomb, Bomber, Bombest!! (Danger Wrap)
C: Family name of Dr. Mikhail Sergeyevich
D: Japanese 'Legends'
E: Conflict in which Weil used Omega
F: Mega Man 7's Ice Weapon
G: Company Aile works for before meeting Prairie
H: Doc Robot vulnerabe to Top Spin
I: World's leading researcher in laser technology
J: Freeze Man's weakness
K: Inafking's given name
L: Uncovers Colossus and keeps the Bonne family in debt
M: Horn Fighting King of Dual Extremes that guards Magnetic Zone
N: Navigator enslaved by Silver Horn
O: Red Suzy from the original game
P: DCN. 028
Q: Deals 8 damage to Metal Man on 'Normal' difficulty
R: Roll doesn't take her medicine for this illness
S: Masters Albert, Thomas, and Mikhail
T: The eldest Bonne sibling
U: Giant submarine mechaniloid in Duff McWhalen's stage
V: Twin daggers Zero gains after defeating Crowrang
W: He protects the secret weapon of the jungle
X: Award when Zero destroys 50 enemies with buster shots in a mission
Y: Three dragonflies circle X or Zero
Z: Spread across Earth when the Eurasia Colony is destroyed

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