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_______ of the Opera
Track8 ______ Track10
Static _____
____ Rogen, Las _____
Patrol Boat Sub Battleship _________ Carrier
Launch a counter ______
__ and Mrs. Smith, ____ River
Letter 1 Letter 10, National _____
Fight ____ with ____
I have a sudden ______' for chocolate
______on Ford
Got an itch? _______ it
_____ Favre
Now I'll plot my _______
Straight up ________ trippin'
iCarly's brother _______, HBO Stars ________
Letter 10 Letter 3
___ Ben, Bourne Identity Matt _____
Basketball's Michael ______, Not East but ____
Don't be the killer's next ______
____ the Impaler
War would bring utter _____
Swim a_____ the river
The _______ Suns
Metal ____ Finder
Korn _____ on a Leash-Not in but ___
'The Storm' in Spanish
You'll wait for all of ________
Pumpkin ______
______ Rich, Smell what the ____ is cookin'

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