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Can you name the NFL Quarterbacks?

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He From Jeans
Ma Evil Chick
Bondman Van Cob
Taste Doff Warmth
Blabber EatingBackup
Train PicturesBackup
Coy McCcolt
Tan Cowmen
Gobblers Retire Hen
Tarty Man
Dragon Soarer
Brewers Ed
Hence Hand
Silver Hip Rip
Belvin Kko
Tomb Yard
Forms Dad Bra
A Curly Jet
Attach Bums
Arm Shack Zen
Basket Met Clash
Loony Trek
Rick Snort a Javas
Dad Tan Only
Male Inning
Moron Toy
Camel Stats
Banjo Cap Smell
Hamlet Six
Cranky Pita Fritz
Anger Mrs Sox
Calf Cojoe

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