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First rank of a Republic Legion
Standard sword, influenced by Iberians
Light or skirmish troops of the Republic
Light javelin with a metal shaft
Shields carried by legionaries
Middle rank of a Republic Legion
Back rank of a Republic Legion
Standard armor of a legionary, made of overlapping bands
Military unit or division of an early Republic Legion
Six of these made up a cohort
Basic officer of the Roman army, commanding cohorts or smaller units
Commanding officer of a Legion or governor of a province
Senior officer of the Roman army, five were assigned to a Legion
Most serious form of discipline; one in every ten men were put to death
Highest honor a Roman commander could receive
If you couldn't get a full one of the above, this was the next best thing
Title given by troops to a commander that personally led them in battle, later a title of the rulers of Rome
Cavalry of the Roman Army, also a high social class
Bodyguard of the Emperor, or honor guard of a Republic military commander
Heavily armored Roman cavalry

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