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Ramesses II (Egypt) vs. Muwatalli II (Hittites)1274 BC
Necho II (Egypt) vs. Josiah (Judah)609 BC
Xerxes I (Persia) vs. Leonidas (Sparta) & Themistocles (Athens)480 BC
Eurybiades (Sparta) & Themistocles (Athens) vs. Xerxes I (Persia)480 BC
Demosthenes (Athens) vs. Thrasymelidas (Sparta)425 BC
Lysander (Sparta) vs. Conon (Athens)405 BC
Philip II (Macedon) vs. Chares (Athens)338 BC
Alexander (Greece/Macedon) vs. Darius III (Persia)331 BC
Pyrrhus (Epirus) vs. Dentatus (Rome)275 BC
Hannibal (Carthage) vs. Flaminius (Rome)217 BC
Hannibal (Carthage) vs. Varro (Rome) & Paullus (Rome)216 BC
Scipio Africanus (Rome) vs. Hannibal (Carthage)202 BC
Crassus (Rome) vs. Spartacus (Rebel)71 BC
Julius Caesar (Rome) vs. Vercingetorix (Gaul)52 BC
Julius Caesar (Rome) vs. Pompey (Rome)48 BC
Octavian (Rome) vs. Mark Antony (Rome & Egypt)31 BC
Arminius (Germania) vs. Varrus (Rome)9 AD
Constantine (Rome) vs. Maxentius (Rome)312 AD
Various Goths (Goths) vs. Valens (Rome)378 AD

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