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Can you name the Slang Words In Call Of Duty?

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ClueSlang Word
Someone who uses a grenade launcher.
Someone who runs around knifing enemies.
Desert Eagle
A not very good player.
Search And Destroy
Team Deathmatch
Someone who kills people by scoping in quickly with a sniper rifle.
Someone who uses a sniper rifle without scoping in.
When someone fires their sniper at the same time as throwing a knife and then killing them.
Someone who runs around with a SMG.
ClueSlang Word
One Man Army
Someone who sits in a corner watching a door.
Someone who holds down areas using claymores.
Someone who steals kills.
On MW2 F2000
Light Machine Guns
Commando Users
Someone who uses the UMP 45.
Someone who uses the Scar H.

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