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QUIZ: Can you name the Call Of Duty Zombies Know It All?

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First Zombie Map
Zombie Asylum
Japanese Swamp
Final World At War Map
Cinema Map
Map In The Pentagon
Arcade Mode
Map In Space
Massive Cold Map
All New Map To Be Released
American War Hero
Russian Mad Man
Japanese Kitten Killer
Nazi Nutter
Call Of The Dead Female Fighter
The First Mexican Zombie Killer
He Is The One Holding The Fork
His Last Name Rhymes With Hooker
In Every Zombie Map Super Weapon
Electric Gun Featured In: Shi No Numa, Der Riese And Call Of The Dead
Degraded Zeus Cannon
Call Of The Dead Wonder Gun
You Don't Want The Teddy Bear From It
Increased Health Perk
Faster Reload Perk
Better Rate Of Fire Perk
Faster Revive Perk
Lock Onto Head Perk
Wow It Blows Up When You Dolphin Dive
Perk Where You Can't Catch Me Now

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