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Gus, Jellylorum
Yvonne, Boatman, Nurse, Old Lady
Ned, Bud, Roy, Shelley Parker
Nim, Curly, Liza
Lulu, Helga, Victor
Fred Casely, 'Go to Hell' Kitty
Catherine, Lewis
Courfeyrac, Pimp, Montparnasse
Sheriff File, Snookie
Carla, Sonny, Abuela Claudia
Mitch Mahoney, Panch
Mrs. Fairfax
Little Inez
Gladys Hotchkiss, Pop, Mabel
Graziella, Big Deal
Herbie, Electra
Henry, Gabe, Natalie
Soupy Sue, Mr. McQueen
Snake Girl, Reptile Man, Buddy Foster
Jeanie, Crissy
Peter, Simon, Woman by the Fire
Adam, Aphra, Yonah
Mordred, Tom of Warwick
Gordon, Joanne Jefferson
Pepper, Grace Farrell
Sally Simpson, Mrs. Walker
Columbia, Phantom
Flotsum, Jetsum
Man 2, Woman 2
Chrismas Eve, Gary Coleman
Mr. MacAfee, Harvey Johnson
Peter, Marta, Kathy, David
Iola Stover, Frankie Epps
Mimi Schwinn, Rhoda, Mr. Bungee
Ambrose Kemper, Minnie Fay
Max Detweiler, Kurt, Marta
Tommy, Jake, Winnie Tate
Andrea, Armand, Daniel
Sally, Lucy
Willy Conklin, Harry Houdini
Donna Marie, Mr. Lyons, Sammy
Perchik, Hodel, Fruma-Sarah
Skip Snip, Orin Scrivello
Steward, Lucinda
Robin, Gilmer
Nickie, Helene, Oscar
Meg Boyd, Gloria Thorpe
Elisha J. Whitney, Moonface Martin
Pearl, Dinah, Buffy, Wrench, Greaseball
Hattie, Fred, Lois
Mr. Sowerberry, Widow Corney, Sally
Nessarose Thropp, Dr. Dillamond
Harry the Horse
Brooke Windham, Warner, Vivian
Henrik Egerman, Anne Egerman, Petra
Lily, Rose, Neville, Archibald
Bebe, Judy, Bobby
Roger, Jan, Marty
Henry, Mortimer
Jonas Fogg, Beadle
Mrs. Meers, Jimmy
Amneris, Zoser, Mereb
Giuseppe Naccarelli, Fabrizio Naccarelli
Mr. Mayor, Mayzie
Wendy Jo, Urleen, Chuck
Carlotta, Raoul
Mary Jane Wilkes
Gracie Shinn, Tommy Djilas
Beth, Mary, Gussie

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