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An Intricate Apartment Building Could be...a Complex Complex
Wine Sampler on an Airplane
Air Conditioning Enthusiast
Chest of Elephant Noses
Firewood Record
RuPaul When She Smokes
A Certain Wookies Taffies
A Line of Fish Eggs
Dessert Made From Bullwinkle Pureed
An Uninspired Leadership Team
Union General Scholarships
A Disgusting Pedestal
To Inebriate Mortar
A Siding Committee
To Attack a Nautical Canvas
Away Footwear
An Intricate Apartment Building Could be...a Complex Complex
Exclusive Computer Mice
Really Concentrated While Camping
A Better Tool for Shaving Cheese
Entirely Sacred
A Hip Motel
Once You've Gone Beyond Your Field
A Complaint About Your Steak
One Who Tongues Booze Bottles
Angry Gonad
The Blind Soul Singers Increase in Pay
A Labyrinthian Field of Corn
A Vendor of Basements
Stolen Wooden Instruments
The Hoarse Cat Took It's Violet Colored Medicine
The Austrian Composer's Sculptures in the Ditches Around his Castles

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