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QUIZ: Can you name these facts about the PLL actors?

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Forced Order
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where was sasha born?Sasha Pieterse
what is her birthday?Sasha Pieterse
what film did she star in in 2013?Sasha Pieterse
where was shay born?Shay Mitchell
what is her birthday?Shay Mitchell
what language is she currently studying to expand her acting roles?Shay Mitchell
where was troian born?Troian Bellisario
what is her birthday?Troian Bellisario
what is her middle name?Troian Bellisario
where was lucy born?Lucy Hale
what is her birthday?Lucy Hale
what is her real first name?Lucy Hale
where was ashley born?Ashley Benson
what is her birthday?Ashley Benson
what film did she star in in 2012?Ashley Benson
where was janel born?Janel Parrish
what is her birthday?Janel Parrish
which bratz did she play in the 2007 movie?Janel Parrish
where was ian born?Ian Harding
what is his birthday?Ian Harding
what is his middle name?Ian Harding
where was keegan born?Keegan Allen
what is his birthday?Keegan Allen
what is the name of his book?Keegan Allen
where was tyler born?Tyler Blackburn
what is his birthday?Tyler Blackburn
what is the name of the pll spinoff series which he starred in called?Tyler Blackburn

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