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Forced Order
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Who played Jason Dilaurentis in season 1?
Who pulled Alison out of the ground when she was buried?
Which order are the girls standing at the end of the theme song?
Which character had a dream that leads to the noir episode of season 4?
Where did Aria meet Riley?
Which character is a vegetarian?
What do the girls refer to as 'The Trojan Horse'?
Where is the dollhouse located?
Who performs the theme song 'Secrets'?
Which character is played by Diego Boneta?
Which actress was a successful model before the show started?
How many times have Spoby broken up (seasons 1-5)?
Who was Aria's former babysitter?
Who received the A note 'Surprise! I wonder what your pig puppet will have to say about this... -A'?
Who is the first to find out Charles' actual identity?
What season 2 episode is named 'Through many dangers, toils and snares'?
Aria and Ezra had an 'on off'relationship until which season 5 episode when they broke up for good?
Alison quotes which line of the theme song after A tried to gas Emily?

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