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What day of the week does Danny Tanner sweep the stairs?
What does Uncle Jesse call his favorite comb?
What game do Kimmy, DJ, Stephanie, and MIchelle play around Kimmy's brother's car, 'Wild Thing'?
Whose birthday is Nicky & Alex born on?
Who does Stephanie get 'married' to?
Who does Michelle get 'married' to?
Who does DJ get 'married' to?
What actor wasn't originally in the cast in the original pilot that never aired?
What word does Stephanie misspell at the Spelling Bee?
What is Comet's mom's name?
What was DJ's favorite stuffed toy growing up?
What was Stephanie's favorite stuffed toy growing up?
Whose 16th birthday did DJ forget?
What was Danny's occupation before 'Wake Up, San Francisco?'
Who was Nicky named after?
What animal saves the house from a fire?
What song did Stephanie dance to during 'Our Very First Telethon?'
What does Jesse give Michelle in a picture frame when he moves out?
Who eventually becomes a producer of 'Wake Up, San Francisco?'
Where does Vicky move to, causing her and Danny to end their relationship?

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