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Forced Order
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Guy commonly referred to as Gaz
What his 'down stairs' was named?
Who gave it this name?
Whose best friends in the house are
Which one of the two has 'double F's'?
She fell in love with?
Who was the same age as __________ when starting?
Who is from the same place as?
Who was in a relationship with ___________ (not off the show)?
Who wore what to a restaurant to see her?
And got called a 'twat' by who for doing that?
Who fell in love with?
Who proposed in?
In season?
Where _________ broke his leg?
And who was his nurse?
As well as this original house member leaves?
and the other girl who leaves?
And they were replaced by?
But _______ leaves after a few series?
And is replaced by an old member briefly?
Who visited them when they were in?
Where who met a tall dark and handsome stranger after breaking off a long relationship?
Who has an extended break over series?
And returns in season?
And has a tash on with?
While Hollie gets it on with new cast mate?
Who she has a prior thing with in season?
And everyone suspects he is secretly flirting with?
But she really has a thing for?

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