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Can you name the 10 letter words with no repeating letters?

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Haiti experienced this 52 times after the earthquake of January 12, 2010
Abraham Lincoln, or John McCain, for example
A supporter of Charlemagne, or Queen Elizabeth II, for example
Kids often bounce on these in their backyards; gymnasts compete on them
'Rats Live On No Evil Star'
Used to dry clothes; sometimes used to plug ones nose
What Lehman Brothers filed for in 2008
Having difficulty focusing on near objects
A device held with both hands, used to view distant objects
A name given to a spacecraft launched to Mars, and a Nissan mid-sized SUV
Paul Bunyan's profession
Will Turner's profession in Pirates of the Carribean
Das Auto
Pink plastic lawn ornaments
Irrational, arbitrary, or subjective
Russsians around the world refer to Russia as their this
Rule or restriction meant to control human behaviour
Historic county of North West England, whose name survives through sausages nicknamed 'The Fighting Sausage'
Otherwise known as the shore, or shoreline
Small freight lift, often connecting 2 floors in a home

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