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When did we all let you down, So come Messiah show us how
An epic novel no one's read, Pages torn and faded
He'd seem hopeless and lost with this note, They'll buy into the words that I wrote
We fabricate our demons, Invite them into our homes
Who would wish this on our people, And proclaim that His will be done
In my den of inequity, Viciousness and subtlety
A higher dosage she prescribes, But there's no guarantee
Is it time to make a change, Are we closer than before
As the rain is pouring down, Tears of sorrow wash his mind
Even though she seems so high, He knows that she can't fly
Maybe I'm just Cassandra fleeting, Twentieth century icon bleeding
Heaven must be more than this, When angels waken with a kiss
But I feel I'm getting nowhere, And I'll never see the end
Hopelessly drifting, Bathing in beautiful agony
Remembered is the sacrifice but no praisal of blood still flowing
Won't let them fill me with fatalistic remedies
'Lad did you know a girl was murdered here?'
You can't imagine, The hell I'm going through
Until I show a desire for revenge, My hunger will waste me to sleep
I can remember when, In the unity of our five-day sessions
Hey you, hey you, I'm right here
Unbroken spirit, obscured and disquiet finds clearness this trial demands

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