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The only English speaking country in South AmericaSouth America
Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe by volume, can be found hereEurope
This country is last in the FIFA world rankingsOceania
Home to 5% of the worlds plant and animal speciesAfrica
Called 'Druk Yul' by the natives, meaning 'Land of the Thunder Dragon'Asia
Has borders with fourteen other countriesEurope/Asia
Shares the island of Hispaniola with HaitiNorth America
The national currency of this country is the highest valued in the worldAsia
The worlds largest producer of cars per capitaEurope
Was a base of operations for the French during the Gulf WarAfrica
Won the first football World Cup in 1930, but has only won one sinceSouth America
Every Sporclers' favourite countryAsia
One of only two countries to be 'doubly landlocked'Europe
Made up of ten islands, this was the first country in the Pacific to become independentOceania
This countrys capital is the second largest metropolitan city in the worldAsia
At least 5000 people were killed here by Hurrican Mitch in 1998North America
The name means 'Republic of the Equator'South America
The oldest recorded sovereign state and constitutional republic in the worldEurope
Shares the worlds largest trading relationship with the USNorth America
Used to lie either side of the International Date Line, befor the line was moved east in 1995Oceania
Only African country to not be part of the African UnionAfrica

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