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Forced Order
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'I don't even know what MTV means'Borneo
'It's like being on a game show, this is going to be so cool, and then I was like waaaait aaaa miiiinute...we're ON a game show'Borneo
'Sure I lied, but since I was lying to Jerri...I won't lose any sleep over it.'Australian Outback
'If a hyena eats this slop and then licks its ass, is it because it's the animal thing to do ... or because it's trying to get the taste out of its mouth?'Africa
'Sarah has a nice body ...I bet she paid a lot for it.' Marquesas
'If you side with those guys, it would seriously make me pukie sick.'Marquesas
' have to be like ice. Mr Freeze is in the house. Even though it's about 120 degrees out here. I have my skates on.'Thailand
'It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see I'm f*****.'Amazon
'Why does he need the machete so sharp? I think he's going to kill us.'Amazon
'We didn't get any light, we didn't get any soap, but …we got booze.'Pearl Islands
'The lady I think liked her… in a sexual way'Pearl Islands
'Captain America with his good teeth, nice smile, handsome guy... he doesn't respect my game, I don't necessarily respect his.'All Stars
'I think I just found my little tiny crack.' Vanuatu
We can't have a girls alliance 'cause Caryn sucksPalau
'I'll take my clothes off for some peanut butter or chocolate.'Palau
'Blindsided nice! Now that's how you vote somebody out!'Guatemala
'...maybe they can get her autograph after the show.'Guatamala
'I have an issue with my penis. I need you to look at it.'Exile Island
'One, Two, Three... CANDICE'Cook Islands
'Well a kiss is nice, maybe if it were love…he would've given you the immunity necklace.'Cook Islands
'Either I'll have betrayed the Raro people, and I'm a complete bastard, or I didn't jump over to the Aitu people, and I'M A COMPLETE BASTARD' Cook Islands
'Snakes are misunderstood. We have an understanding now.'Fiji
'You're a grown man, consider a name change.'Fiji
'This isn't wellfare, you know,we're not going to reward her just 'cause she sucks at life'China
'Jean-Robert is in my numbers, deal with it....bitch!' China
It's just a f****** stick!Micronesia
Those guys are tough as nails. You cannot trust the favorites at all. They're tanks, I mean, they have armor on.Micronesia
'It's just that target is so far away.' (At the reunion)Gabon
'I was like the little kid that eats too much pizza and then jumps around in the Play Land balls and then can’t figure out why he threw up.'Tocantins
'I'll wear a tiara. A man-tiara... do they make those'Tocantins
I didn't know they could freakin' fly!Samoa
He got the clothes line.Samoa
'Someone told me today that there's such a thing as a banana etiquette. If you go get a banana, you have to go ask every person who's in your vicinity if they would like a banana, Heroes Vs. Villains
He's like the hobbit on crack.Heroes Vs. Villains

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