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Name the themes of the Touhou PC-98 characters. Some characters have more than one theme!

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Forced Order
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Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being
Mystic Oriental Love Consultation
Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss
Love Colored Magic
Swordsman of a Distant Star
The Grimoire of Alice
Tank Girl's Dream
Magic Mirror (Jigoku)
Doll's Story ~ Doll of Misery
Decoration Battle
Plastic Mind
Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream
Visionary Game ~ Dream War
Maniacal Princess
Maiden's Capriccio
Cute Devil ~ Innocence
Angel's Legend (Makai)
Magic Mirror (Makai)
Tabula Rasa ~ Empty Girl
Sailor of Time
Civilization of Magic ~ Let's All Die Together!
Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star
Bet on Death
Perdition Crisis
Spiritual Heaven
Forbidden Magic
Dimensional Dream
Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream
Sleeping Terror
Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme
She's in a Temper!
Crimson Maiden ~ Crimson Dead!
Power of Darkness
Angel's Legend (Jigoku)
Strawberry Crisis!
The Positive and the Negative
Complete Darkness
Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic
Magic Formation ~ Magic Square
Now, Until the Moment You Die

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