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In the episode 'No Weenies Allowed', where does Reg (bouncer of the Salty Spittoon) tell Spongebob he would 'be more comfortable'?
At the end of the episode 'Pranks-A-Lot', Mr. Krabs shines a white, round light on Spongebob & Patrick and says 'The Krusty Krab presents....Live______(2 words)_____'!
Finish Mr. Krabs line from the ending of 'Krusty Towers': 'Pack your bags, boys. ____(5 words)_____'.
In the episode 'Mrs. Puff, You're Fired', the new instructor says 'No eating in my class' but then offers the class what type of candy?
What is the name of Spongebob's colorful Krabby Patties in the episode 'Patty Hype'?
In the episode 'Survival of the Idiots', Spongebob and Patrick disturb Sandy's hibernation sleep. What are the 2 names of the 'Texas outlaws' Sandy calls them?
What type of animal is Wormy in the episode 'Wormy'?
In the episode 'Fear of a Krabby Patty', what is Plankton's psychiatrist name?
Finish the quote from the episode 'Dumped': Spongebob says 'Gosh, Larry is sure different than Gary. And Gary and Larry are real different than ____(1 word)____?
In the episode 'Skill Crane', what 3 words does Spongebob repeat over and over again to help Squidward win a prize?

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