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What is the number plate that shows up on Dean's Impala in Season One?
What episode is Sam and Dean's half-brother, Adam, last seen in?
What is Lucifer's hellhound called?
What date did Mary Winchester die (dd/mm/yyyy)?
In which episode is Crowley seen injecting human blood into himself?
What is Sam Winchester's birthday (dd/mm/yyyy)?
Both Sam and Dean are named after two members of their family. Who are they in relation to the boys?
In which episode do Sam and Dean find themselves in a parallel universe?
Who are the two bartenders that Sam and Dean meet at the Roadhouse?
What is on the sign of Ash's door in the Roadhouse?
In the episode Simon Said, what is the name of the young man with psychic abilities who Sam and Dean suspect is the culprit of more than one murder?
What is the name of the episode in which the point of view is always that of the Impala?
What is Dean Winchester's birthday (dd/mm/yyyy)?
What is Mary Winchester's maiden name?
In which episode is Dean Winchester sent to the past where he meets his young mother and father?
Who was the first angel to die in the entire show?
What time did John Winchester die in In My Time Of Dying?
What are the names of the four horsemen in order of appearance?
What was Crowley's surname before he became a demon?
How many times was Dean seen dying in the episode Mystery Spot?
How many children received Azazel's blood?
In the episode Mystery Spot, what was the song that was playing every morning when Sam awoke?
What is the make of the car which Sam Winchester owns to date?
What was Charlie Bradbury's original name?
What did Charlie Bradbury die to protect?

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