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This quiz contains 25 different questions regarding Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone that some may find difficult!

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Who is Harry Potter known as to some?
Voldemort, otherwise known as You-Know-Who, killed which two characters when Harry Potter was one year old?
Who is the stereotypical nerd?
Who becomes Harry Potter's best friend?
Which professor is found out to be the villain towards the end?
Who suspects said villain the most?
Who is the headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
How many houses are there at Hogwarts?
What are the house names at Hogwarts?
What colours do the houses use?
Which house does Ronald Weasley say always turns out bad witches and wizards?
Who do Harry, Ron and Hermione suspect to be trying to get past Fluffy?
What does Harry find in an empty room which shows him his parents?
What does Harry become on the Quidditch team?
What are the four types of players in Quidditch?
What are the three types of balls in Quidditch?
What is Ron's rat called?
What is Harry's owl called?
Who loses their toad on the Hogwarts Express?
Who is the boy who becomes enemies with Harry?
What are the names of Harry's only living relatives?
Who comes to fetch Harry when no-one responds to the Hogwarts owls?
What does Professor Snape teach?
What job has Professor Snape been after for years?
What does Harry receive for Christmas that once belonged to his father?

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