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This quiz contains 25 different questions regarding Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that some may find difficult!

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What is the name of the house-elf who visits Harry Potter when the Dursleys have guests round?
What is it that this house-elf kept from Harry Potter which his friends had sent to him?
Who is the famous wizard that fills the Defense Against the Dark Arts post this year at Hogwarts (first and last name)?
What does said teacher introduce to the class that is provoked by screams/loud noises?
What is the name of the potion that Hermione Granger brews in the girls bathroom?
Who is the ghostly inhabitant of this bathroom?
What is the model of the car that Ron and Harry fly to Hogwarts?
What colour was this car?
Who is the first year that constantly wants Harry's autograph?
What is the name of the cat that is petrified?
What is the writing on the wall written with?
What tree does the flying car crash into?
What is Hermione found with when she is petrified?
What is the monster from the Chamber of Secrets?
What are the creatures that the second years are taught to handle in Herbology?
Who faints in Herbology?
What language can Harry speak?
Who does the monster take into the Chamber of Secrets?
What does Hagrid say to follow?
What did Ginny possess before trying to throw it away?
What does Harry receive from Fawkes the phoenix in the Chamber of Secrets?
What is a phoenix's power?
Who is the young boy that Harry meets in the Chamber of Secrets (full name)?
What is the name of the spider that Hagrid is friends with?
What does Harry put in the book to free the house-elf?

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