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Can you name the animals by the species or breed listed?

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Species or BreedAnimal
Fiddler, Soft-Shell, Snow
Honey, American, Hog
Luzon Bleeding-Heart, Passenger, Rock
Blanket, Blue-Ringed, Umbrella
Cape, Water, Wild Asiatic
Tiger, Southern Pink, Indian
Grey-Rumped, Barn, Bahama
Orchid, Praying, Giant African
Red, Giant, Quinling
Plains, Mountain, Grévy's
Snapping, Leatherback, Florida Box
Rainbow, Apache, Cutthroat
Nile, Saltwater, Mugger
Northwest African, King, Asiatic
Reticulated, Royal, African Rock
Sea, Giant, Northern River
Thompson's, Grant's, Red-Fronted
Big-Belly, Pygmy, Pacific
Species or BreedAnimal
Field, Tree, Mormon
Sand, Spider Hunting, Paper
Barbary, Japanese, Rhesus
Moray, Freshwater, Sawtooth
Merino, Suffolk, Targhee
Trumpeter, Black-Necked, Mute
Cane, Colorado River, Southern Spadefoot
Pacific Sea Nettle, Box, Lion's Mane
Manta, Torpedo Electric, Eagle
Northern Hairy-Nosed, Southern Hairy-Nosed, Common
Emperor, Cottontop, Golden-Mantled
Least, Sonoma, Yellow-Pine
Giant African, Edible, Sea
Atlas, Peppered, Gypsy
New Guinea Singing, Portuguese Water, Bernese Mountain
Peregrine, Sooty, Bat
Pygmy Three-Toed, Pale-Throated, Maned

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