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Social facilitation was initially suggested by who?3
Allport suggested it didn't have to be competetion just the...
Zajonc suggested which theory?Facilitation if dominant response inhibition if not dominant response
Cottrell suggested it wasn't just mere presence but what the audience is thinking. What thoery is this?
Bond and titus meta analysis supported/rejected social facilitation?
when poeple stop trying because the group has become bigger is...
Whereas putting in as little effort as possible and reaping the rewards is known as the..
Uniform attitudes and ways of behaving that define group membership and differentiate betwene groups are known as...
Control by domination that leads to compliance and submission is...
Process of changing attitutes leading to converson is...
An outward chang in behaviour whilst under observation is...
An internal change based on validity and social norms is..
Compliance is caused by what type of influence?
Conversion is caused by what type of influence?
Who showed that pp eventually converge to a middle ground when estimating dot mevement?
Was this compliance or conversion?
Decreasing what and what can reduce compliance?
Who conducted the experiment into obedience?
What two factors influcence whether the the pp complies?1
What is it called when pp removes themselves form their values and says they're just a puppet?
Reicher ans haslam suggest the obedience is actullay due to a what with the experimenter?Will follow requests but not orders

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