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What is the name of Joey's penguin?
What song does Ross learn to play on the bagpipes?
Where do Monica and Chandler first get together?
What did Mr Heckles use to bang on the ceiling?
How many children does Ross have?
What does Rachel say is her favourite of Phoebe's songs?
What is Chandler's job?
What colour are the walls of Monica's apartment?
What is the name of Phoebe's twin?
Name the student that Ross dates.
Name one character who's surname is Geller.
Rachel and which friend work at Central Perk?
What is the name of Ross' first wife?
Which is the only friend to NOT live alone?
What fake address does Chandler give to Janice?
What state do the friends live in?
How many siblings does Rachel have?
What is Janice's catchphrase?
Why doesn't Monica get invited to Frannie's wedding?
What does Ross lecture in?
What is Chandler's full name?
How many babies does Phoebe have for her brother?
What type of doctor does Joey play as Drake Ramoray?
What instrument does Phoebe play when she is too pregnant to play guitar?
Which of his girlfriends does Ross meet in China?
How many sisters does Joey have?
Where do Ross and Rachel get married?
Who plays Monica Geller?
What does Joey think a vicar is?
What animal does Ross have?
Where does Phoebe meet her father?
Who does Gunther love?
Who kisses Chandler at the New Year's party?
What is the name of Rachel's date who was extremely similar to Ross?
What is Joey's surname?
Which of Joey's girlfriends does Chandler kiss?
What does Phoebe change her name to?
What is the name of the girl that both Joey and Ross ask out while helping her move in?
Other than Chandler, which of the friends does Janice date?
What book does Joey make Rachel read?
What book does Rachel make Joey read?
What was the name of Joey's stalker fan?
Why do Emily and Ross get divorced?
Where do Chandler and Ross meet?
What did Joey eat for $50?
Which of Joey's sisters does Chandler hook up with?
What name does Rachel suggest for Ross and Julie's cat?
Where do Phoebe and Mike get married?
How many long-stemmed red roses does Ross send to Emily?
What animal do the friends say bit Chandler at a zoo?

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