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Can you name the The Pentose Phosphate Pathway?

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1) What, mainly, does the PPPathway serve to produce?-
2) What else does it produce, beginning with G?-
3) What else does it produce, beginning with F?-
4) What is the first phase of the PPPathway? -
5) What is the second phase of the PPPathway?What's no longer being made at this point?
6) Of products #1 #2 #3, which one(s) are made in the first phase?-
7) Of products #1 #2 #3, which one(s) are made in the second phase?-
8) What is the starting material of the PPPathway?-
9) How many moles of NADPH are produced per mole of this?-
10) What is the (carbon containing) product of the oxidative phase?-
11) Is this the correct overall equation of the ox. phase? (See hint)3G6P + 3NADP+ + 3H20 => 3Ru5P + 3NADPH+ 6H+
12) Is this one correct?3G6P + 6NADP+ + 3H20 => 3Ru5P + 3 CO2 + 6NADPH+ 6H+
13) In the overall PPPathway, how many Fru-6-P are made per 3 Glu-6-P?-
14) How many glyceraldehyde-3-phosphates are made per 3 G6P?-
15) Complete the gap in overall eq of PPP : 3G6P + 6NADP+ + 3H20 => 6NADPH + 6H+ + 3_____ + 2 F6P + Glyceraldehyde3PThink of the carbon skeletons...
16) What can Ribulose-5-Phosphate be used to synthesise?-
17) What enzyme first oxidises G6P in the first phase-
18) What activates this enzyme?-
19) In the non oxidative phase: 3 Ribulose5P => 3x_______ => 2x 6 carbon sugar + 1x 3 carbon sugar.-

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