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Can you name the different components of Glycogen Synthesis?

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1) Enzyme used in glycogen synthesis-
2) Molecule #1 requires glucose to be inHint: It includes a nucleotide.
3) For synthesis of #2, what form does glucose have to be in?-
4) Enzyme for synthesis of #2-
5) Second product of this reaction-
6) When adding branched, are Glc residues added STRAIGHT AWAY, or TRANSFERED?-
7) What enzyme catalyses the reaction in #6?-
8) What protein creates a short Glc polymer to allow enzyme in #1 to work?-
9) The protein in #8 adds Glc residues to what residue?-
10) Does this use the same molecule containing Glc as in #2?-
11) Control of glycogen synthase - is it converted to a more active form by phorphorylation?-
12) Glycogen synthase is phosphorylated by-
13) What important signalling molecule is involved in the pathway leading to phosphorylation?-
14) What hormone inhibits phosphorylation of glycogen synthase?-
15) This hormone binds to a ___ receptor
16) As a result of this hormone glycogen synthase is not phosphorylated. This is due to the phosphorylation of ______ _______ _______ enzyme
17) What type of enzyme does insulin also stimulate?-
18) This enzyme _________ glycogen synthase, converting it to its active form.

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