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Can you name the different components of Glycogen Breakdown?

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1) Linkage between glucose monomers in linear chain-
2) Linkage between a glycogen chain and one of its branches-
3) Enzyme which breaks linkage in #1-
4) Does this enzyme exist as a monomer, homodimer or heterodimer?-
5) Method of breakage by #3-
6) Enzyme that breaks linkage in #2-
7) Method of breakage by #6-
8) First type of activity shown by #5-
9) Second type of activity shown by #5-
10) Product of #3's enzyme-
11) Product of activity in #9-
12) What is the product from #10 converted to?-
13) What is the enzyme for the reaction in #12?-
14) Does #13 act by TRANSFERING the phosphate or by ADDITION of a second phosphate and then removing the first? (B)-
15) What residue of this enzyme carries the phosphate group?-
16) Control of glycogen breakdown: Is glycogen phosphorylase more active when phosphorylated?-
17) What enzyme does this phosphorylation?-
18) What pancreatic hormone triggers the phosphorylation?-
19) What other hormone triggers glycogen breakdown?-
20) What enzyme dephosphorylates glycogen phosphorylase?-
21) In the muscles, is the less active version of glycogen phosphorylase allosterically inhibited by ATP or AMP?-
22) Similarly, is it inhibited in the muscles by glucose-6-phosphate or acetylCoA?-
23) In the liver is the MORE active version inhibied by glucose or glucose-6-phosphate?Hint: The liver supplies glucose to meet the whole body's needs, not just it's own.

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