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1) Can excess amino acids be stored in the body?
2) Amino acids are degraded into intermediates from what metabolic pathway?
3) What part of the amino acid enters this pathway?
4) Amino acids can be described by the type of intermediate they make. Name the type beginning with G.
5) ...and the other type, beginning with K.
6) Amino acids that make acetyl CoA or acetoacetate are... (see #4&5)
7) Amino acids that make pyruvate, oxaloacetate, aKG, succinyl CoA or fumarate are...
8) The amino group is removed from the amino acid by a __________ reaction.
9) the reaction in #8 is catalysed by...
10) What is the predominant amino acid acceptor?
11) What amino acid is produed from transamination of #10?
12) What amino acid is produced from transamination of oxaloacetate?
13) Do the above reactions result in net deamination?
14) Oxidative deamination of glutamate produces NH4+, what electron acceptor is used: NAD+, NADP+ or either of the two?
15) During transamination, what does alanine turn into?
16) This means it is a starting material for gluconeogenesis and can be described as...
17) Transamination reactions use what as an amine group carrier?
18) What functional group of #17 reacts with the amino group?
19) What kind of intermediate forms?
20) What compound is lost as the intermediate is formed and is used to separate the alpha keto acid?
21) The Urea Cycle. What is formed in the first reaction?
22) Name the reactant, other than ATP and NH4+, that makes this.
23) How many ATPs are used to make this?
24) How many inorganic phosphates are released in the reaction?
25) What enzyme catalyses this reaction?
26) What does carbamoyl phosphate react with on entering the urea cycle?
27) create what?
28) What amino acid enters the cycle?
29) At the same time, ATP is hydrolysed to what?
30) What TCA intermediate is formed in the cycle?
31) What last product is formed (think about it...) ?
32) Nitrogen is carried in the blood, for synthesis, by which amino acid?
33) Formed by the enzyme...
34) Using to drive the reaction...
35) Name an amino acid synthesised by transamination from it's alpha ketoacid (only 3!)

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