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Can you name the Spells, Potions and other Magical Mysteries?

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The Mandrake forms an essential part of most antidotes. It is also, however, dangerous. Why?Herbology
If a bunch of Cornish Pixies were set loose, what incantation might you use to round them up?Defence Against the Dark Arts
What is the antidote for Swelling Solution?Potions
A creature pops out of your wardrobe in the shape of your worst fear, what is this creature known as?Defence Against the Dark Arts
What spell would you use against this creature?Defence Against the Dark Arts
According to 'Unfogging the Future', what does a 'wonky cross' mean in terms of Tea Leaf reading?Divination
According to 'Unfogging the Future', what does a sun mean in terms of Tea Leaf reading?Divination
According to Professor Trelawney, what does 'The Grim' mean in terms of Tea Leaf ReadingDivination
How does one open 'The Monster Book of Monsters' without being attacked by it?Care of Magical Creatures
If you are going to approach a Hippogriff, you must first bow. After bowing to the creature, you wait for it to do what?Care of Magical Creatures
Even though Neville's turned orange, what colour is Shrinking Solution meant to be?Potions
OWL QuestionAnswerClass
Which spell can be used to get chewing gum out of a keyhole?Defence Against the Dark Arts
On what page of Harry's 3rd year Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook would you look to read about werewolves?Defence Against the Dark Arts
What does a Hinkypunk do to travellers?Defence Against the Dark Arts
What happens if you feed Flobberworms too much lettuce?Care of Magical Creatures
What is the incantation for the Summoning Charm?Charms
If a fellow classmate was Petrified by Slytherin's monster, what plant would hold the antidote?Herbology
What (rather than cutting) is the best way of getting juice out of sopophorous beans?Potions
Which plant's puss, when undiluted, causes skin to break out in boils on contact, but when properly diluted, cures acne?Herbology
What is the name of the horse-like creatures that can only be seen by someone who has witnessed death?Care of Magical Creatures
This potion takes forever to make, but when complete you will have the perfect disguise.Potions

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