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Colour of the direwolf on the banner of House Stark
Sansa's alias in the Vale of Arryn
Arya Stark's direwolf
Maegi who tries to save Khal Drogo using blood magic
Bastard name in the North
Words of House Stark
Father of Loras and Margaery Tyrell
Eldest son of Kevan Lannister
Seat of House Tully
Sansa's favourite food
Second person Arya kills with a whisper
Rickon Stark's direwolf
Furthest east castle of the Wall, one of the three constantly manned
Sea between Westeros and Essos
Common saying about House Lannister often mistaken for their words
Number of bastards Robert Baratheon fathered
City in which Daenerys aquires the Unsullied
Daughter of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell
First name of the Greyjoy nicknamed 'Crow's Eye'
Island on which you would find Evenfall Hall
Mountains beyond the Wall
Sansa and Jeyne Poole's nickname for Arya
Words of House Lannister
Song about Tywin Lannister destroying House Reyne
Robb's wife
The river that flows through King's Landing
Name of Arya's friend, the 'butcher's boy'
Older brother of Ned Stark
Nickname of Jeor Mormont, 997th commander of the Night's Watch
Words of House Tyrell
Name Arya goes by when serving under Weese in Harrenhal
Real name of the feigned 'Arya' Ramsay Bolton marries
Hodor's real name
Material that can kill Others
Words of House Greyjoy
Sansa Stark's direwolf
Jaime gets this cut off
Theon's oldest brother (slain)
Name of the bastard son of Lollys Stokeworth
Lord of Greywater Watch
True identity of Young Griff
Shireen's fool/jester
Catelyn's father
Sigil of House Frey
Name of Ned Stark's greatsword
Tyrion's alias after crossing the Narrow Sea
Name of the Stallion who Mounts the World
Words of House Targaryen
The Lightning Lord
City in which Arya is training to become a Faceless Man
Road that goes from King's Landing to Highgarden
Sigil of House Bolton
The septon of Winterfell (at the beginning)
Bastard name in the Vale of Arryn
Name of Theon's ship
Samwell Tarly's younger brother
Governing family of White Harbour
The fortune teller who gives Cersei a prophecy as a child
Bastard name in the Iron Islands
Name of Euron Greyjoy's ship
Name of the Lord of Light
Free city from which Jaqen H'ghar comes
Name of Tywin Lannister's father
Seat of House Glover
Lake by which Harrenhal is situated
Lord Steward of the Night's Watch
Large castle said to be cursed
The genderless one of the seven new gods
Colour of Ghost's eyes
Third husband of Margaery Tyrell
Bastard name in Dorne
'All men must die' in High Valyrian
Only child of Stannis Baratheon
Seat of House Martell
House Tully colours

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