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why do i put my self in these situations
im in love with the girl i hate. She enjoys pointing out every bad thing about me
you always seem to catch me when i'm lying about the stupidest of things
pleased to meet you baby, how do you do what you do?
she had a cold heart and a new scarf around her neck in the snow fall
wake up your a drama queen, carry on like your suppose to be
we used to drive all night and listen to the radio, push the front seats up and make the back our bedroom
you and i we do the worst things, do or die we both break hearts
ziggy ziggy la la
she laughed at my soulja boi dance
you know me better than i know myself, and i know myself pretty well
you've got my head spinning, heart beating out of my chest
so get up or lie down cause either way we're making out tonight
i should have known better not to wait around
97 missed calls to finally get over you
whats the point in being in love, what the point in being with someone you can't have
tried to do my best should have given her better things like rings and roses
i dont wanna waste my time again by getting wasted with so called friends

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