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round black circle on ultrasound that moves
round black circle on ultrasound that disappears
earliest date that pregnancy can be detected in ultrasound
developing fetus moves from the left to the right because of the _________
Which is better, EED or abortion?
ideal BCS is ______?
do alpacas have upper incisors?
how many pairs of fighting teeth do (male) alpacas have on the bottom?
the joint that connects the jaw to the skull is the ________ joint
treat a jaw abcess with _____
How many times did Carl stab the guy in the chest?
the ovaries are located at the end of the ________
the two anatomic structures that aren't repro or GI tract that can be seen on a transrectal ultrasound
you breed em like a ______ and they've got a lot of _____
width of testicles
length of testicles
sigmoid flexure is located in ______
here's a llama there's a llama llama llama ______
medium used in fecal floats at UMass
receptive behavior
nonreceptive behavior that smells the worst
do you breed a female with a dominant follicle if she's not receptive?

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