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A piece of writing in sentences and paragraphsDifference Between Verse And Prose
The artistic expression of the human mind in emotional and rhythmical languageDifference Between Verse And Prose
The way you hold your bodyPosture
When the muscles are looseRelaxation
Often used in Elizabethan England. When a world has two or more meanings and is used to create humour. eg. I used to be a ballet dancer but it was tu tu hard. Figures Of Speech
When a word sounds like the noise it makes. eg. BANG!Figures Of Speech
When the first letter (consonant) of a word is the same as several others eg. Big Battering BulldozersFigures Of Speech
When a word/phrase is set in opposition to another and the ambiguity is used to a witty effect.Figures Of Speech
When a word/phrase is made to stand out to create meaning and interest,Figures Of speech
An indirect comparison. eg. He is as brave as a lion in battleFigures Of Speech
A direct comparision. eg. The night is a black curtainFigures Of Speech
When an inanimate object is given human quality. eg. the rose was weepingFigures Of Speech

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