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QUIZ: Can you name the part of nucleus structure?

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Nuclear Envelope
of DNA 
What type of Ran is concentrated in the nucleus?
What assists Ran-GDP being made into Ran-GTP?
What assists Ran-GTP being made in Ran-GDP?
Where does the GTP-GDP reaction occur?
What is a basic unit of chromatin called?
What is this structure comprised of?
Which histone links to the DNA?
What is the histone octamer composition?
name 2 structures within the cell that always have heterochromatin
constitutive heterochromatin  
in transcription regulation, the transcription factor can bind to the molecule and alter the _____ ____
In euchromatin, what process might the DNA have undergone?
In heterochromatin, what process might the DNA have undergone?
what enzyme transfers a methyl group to Lys9 of a histone tail?
where does the regulation of RNA processing take place?
pre RNA splicing changes the compositions of what 2 compounds?

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