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What does Cdk stand for?
How is its activity controlled?
What cell event does Cdk phosphorylation control?
Name the 3 Checkpoints in the cell cycle
Which checkpoint stops when the DNA replication is incomplete?
3 types of MT of the mitotic spindle.
aka astral spindle MTs  
which one attaches to the kinetochore?
which one acts as a mitotic spindle positioner?
what does the polar spindle due?
what protein channel in the RER has a ring of 6 hydrophobic a.a.s at centre of pore/channel?
when the mitotic spindle is in formation, what end do the MTs grow from?
What compound binds the supercoils w/in a chromatid?
which way do the motor protein dyneins travel?
prophase: as condensation ^, phosphorylation of _____ along chroma arms inhibits activity
what structure assembles on CENP-A and centromeric satellite DNA?
What are tethered to the corona fiber of each chromatin by dynein and kinesin?
When does the mitotic spindle form?
what complex forms in anaphase?
when do the chromosomes move to their spindle equators?
In the cell organelles what is an extensive network of membranous canals and sacs called?
Name the Two main secretory (biosynthetic) paths
always running 
What pathway preforms recycling and reuptake tasks?
Write the targeting sequence for retrieval to E.R.
Write the targeting sequence for import into the nucleus.
Write the targeting sequence for targeting to lysosomes
Which E.R. functions in carb. metabolism?
glycogen granules/glucose release 
What enzyme is used for detoxification in the liver (relating to smooth ER)?
All protein translation starts on _________
What is the process involving the movement of a polypeptide through a protein-lined channel (translocon) into the ER?
what does SRP stand for?
what happens when it binds to a signal sequence?
what 2 proteins undergo cotranslational import?
give an example of a chaperones that resides in the ER lumen.
which organelle's membrane is mostly composed of phosphatidylserine?
name another lipid common in ER/Golgi membranes.
What are glycosyltranferases?
Transport vesicles fuse to form lrgr vesicles & interconnected tubules =

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