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When undergoing mitochondrial import, what compound ensures the proteins are not folded?
Where do the proteins first go (on mitochondria)?
What specific complex facilitates the import?
what complex binds matrix proteins for importing them into the IMM?
What does translocation into the mitochondrial matrix need to take place?
What are the categories of endocytosis?
the first category does what to membrane components?
the second category imports what?
what is the clathrin coat formation site?
Name the multi prot complex, mediates recruitment of cargo/recept.s and clathrin coat
it is an adaptor  
a. once clathrin + adaptor vesicle formed, _______ is required for fission.
fission is the severing of the vesicle from the PM 
b. what does this protein do?
What phosphoslipid is the IMM rich in?
what are 2 processes proteins and lipids undergo for modification?
what are the 3 classes of coated vesicle?
Coat assembly is dependent on _______
which of these proteins does COPI depend on?
which of these proteins does COPII depend on?
what processes causes disassembly of coats?
COPII assembly: Sar1-GDP is recruited to ER membrane by _____ and activated.
COPII assembly: Sar1-GTP inserts into ______ ______ ______ which induces what?
seperate answer by comma and space 
how is membrane curvature furthered?
where is the protein retrieval signal located?
what is the retrieval signal for lumenal ER proteins?
what is it for ER membrane proteins?
this sequence can bind to ________ and be incorporate into their vesicles.
the lumenal ER protein signal receptors cycle b/w which 2 organelles?
and b/w answers 
clathrin vesicles play a role in what cell system?
clathrin coats: out structure of _____ forming a honeycomb like lattice
clathrin coats: inner shell of _____
adapter proteins 
these adapter proteins are recruited by _____
mannose-6-phosphate is recognized by what in the TGN?
this binds to protein and is packaged in ______
What occurs when a secretory vesicle fuses with the plasma membrane?
targeting a vesicle: what assists the vesicle in moving to a specific compartment?
when the tethering proteins begin to attach to a compartment, what regulates them?
what forms a complex between the vesicle and target membrane?
what 2 types of these are localized to specific compartments?
what forms when SNARE complex brings the different membranes very close together?
what 3 things are important for targeting specificity?
what IMP pumps protons into a lysosome?
what does this make the lysosome's environment?
what degrades macromolecules?
in N-linked glycosylation, what carrier molecule is linked to the branched chain protein-peptide complex?
what is the oligosaccharide (N-linked) synthesized by?
where are these located?
when oligosaccharide chain is completed, where does the oliggosaccharyltransferase send it?
where do the sequential glycosylation steps occur?

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