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Identify the Enya songs by their first lines.

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First lineSong
“Wait for the sun, watching the sky black as a crow”
“Cold as the northern winds and December morning”
“One look at love and you may see”
“So the world goes round and round with all you ever knew”
“Ever close your eyes, ever stop and listen”
“Memories we share together, moments no one else can know”
“Dawn breaks, there is blue in the sky”
“When there’s a shadow, you reach for the sun”
“I walk the maze of moments”
“It’s only now when words are said”
“Strange how my heart beats”
First lineSong
“How I remember sleepless nights”
“I have been given one moment from heaven”
“Here am I, yet another goodbye”
“Angels, answer me, are you near if rain should fall?”
“Once, as my heart remembers”
“Who can tell me if we have heaven?”
“Though I walk through warm sands in Africa”
“The winter sky above us was shining”
“City lights shine on the harbor”
“Listen to the waves become the blue voice of the sea”
“Each time on my leaving home”

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