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QUIZ: Name the songs that these English translations of non-English Enya songs come from.

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LyricSong Title
“A word to the wise/The more people have/The more they want”
“It may be our words find nothing, find no-one/We call out into the distance”
“I will be a wave/I will be the moon”
“How far is it from/The start to the end/Lift your heart/Walking through the storms”
“To set sail, a wonderful thing/To sail away, it’s true”
“Beneath the waters, silence forever/Beneath the waters, I call you”
“Our words go beyond the moon/Our words go into the shadows”
“Therefore ocean, sea/Therefore dusk, dawn”
“From day to day, my journey/The long pilgrimage before me”
“Sea of Clouds, Umbriel/Sea of Showers, Ariel/And we go to the stars”
“Long is the peaceful day/Long is the night without gloom”
“Life of lives, beginning to the end/We are alive forever”

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