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Name the Doctor Who stories these cliffhangers come from, providing either a serial title for 1963-89 Who, or an episode title for 2005-present.

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CliffhangerSerial/Episode TitlePart
A large hand plucks the Tardis off a boat.
The Master is discovered, shrunken, in a box.
A Dalek declares itself a servant of the humans.
The Doctor and friends are caught in a space-time trap. (aka the Doctor regrets visiting the home planet of M.C. Escher.)
The Doctor seems to have betrayed his friends to the War Chief.
The Doctor jumps into a projection that contains a real forest.
Did the Doctor just assassinate the President?
It turns out that the Doctor and friends are on a “space” ship, not a yacht.
Sarah supposedly wakes up months in the future on a spaceship.
The officer driving the police car is actually a plastic creature.
The Doctor has entered a perilous kitchen.
The Doctor starts impersonating a man who looks just like him.
Ian is about to drown in a tunnel.
The Doctor is about to be crushed by a statue of himself.
The Doctor and Vicki are encased in an immobilizing substance.
The Doctor's companions enter a sarcophagus that turns out to be a Tardis.
Hands reach up and pull the Doctor under the sand.
The Master steals the Tardis and strands the Doctor and his companions in the future.
Lava is about to incinerate the remaining characters.
Doors fly open and a blinding light appears.
The Doctor instantly goes from sitting at a feast-laden table to a cobweb-covered one.
An astronaut is revealed to be a little girl.
Alien experts, including the Doctor, are electrocuted.
CliffhangerSerial/Episode TitlePart
Sarah's arm is pushed towards a dangerous alien plant.
A skeleton in a space suit lurches toward the Doctor and companions.
The Doctor falls into an anti-matter pool.
A unicorn charges our heroes.
“So you see, I’m not gonna let you stop me now!”
The Tardis has been destroyed...but the hat stand's okay!
The Doctor hits Romana with a scepter.
“I’m regenerating!”
A woman turns into a werewolf.
Steven sings at gunpoint while the Doctor walks down a street.
“I thought I'd locked the enemy out. Instead, I’ve locked it in, with us.”
A second, identical Doctor steps out of the shadows.
“I have the power of life and death over all of you!”
A dead bug falls out of a closet.
UNIT HQ is heading for a black hole.
The new ghostly figure outside the base is the Doctor.
A deep voice announces, “I am free!”
The Doctor is menaced by approaching bubbles.
While the Doctor is at the Tardis console, a pair of hands wrap around his neck.
After a 12-minute chase scene, the man being pursued suddenly vanishes.
Ace’s eyes have turned yellow.
An alien tries to shoot the Doctor after a cage match.

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