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Name the anime series that contain these subtitles, either for the whole work or one of its seasons.

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SubtitleSeries Title
Fam, the Silver Wing
The Beautiful World
Primo Passo
The Natural
The Girl with the Blue Eye
To Your Other Self
A Tale of Memories
Endless Odyssey
God(?) Save Our King!
Letters from the Departed
The Flower We Saw That Day
The Melody of a Young Girl’s Heart
The Secret of Blue Water
Two Mirrors
SubtitleSeries Title
Lelouch of the Rebellion
Endless Waltz
The Cure Lies in the Curse
Axis Powers
Samurai Horror Tales
Il Teatrino
Stand Alone Complex
Unlimited Blade Works
A Victorian Romance
The Last Love Song on This Little Planet
Guardian of the Spirit
The Second Barrage
Gemini of the Meteor
Phantom Memory
The Magnificent World
~After Story~

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