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QUIZ: Can you name the Desperate Housewives Deaths?

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How They DiedWho Died?
Strangled by Dave Williams
Suicide by gunshot to head (Season 1)
Heart attack
Suicide by overdose
Impaled by fence pannel
Shot in chest by Carolyn Bigsby
Shot by FBI
Fell off of roof
Fell down hospital stairs
Strangled by Paul Young
Shot by hostage
Killed bu crushed house in tornado
Killed in tornado
Blown up
Killed in plane crash whilst in recreational house
How They DiedWho Died?
Struck over head by Carlos Solis
Heart attack on Susan Mayers roof
Killed by Gloria Hodge
Heart attack, body placed in freezer
Stabbed by Mary Alice Young
Crushed by an armoir
Killed with an axe by Matthew Applewhite
Life support machine switched off
Cardiac Arrest
Shot in chest by Katherine Mayfair
Shot by Wayne Davis
Killed in car crash (2 people)
Hit by falling plane
Strangled by Eddie in car
Suicide by gunshot to head (Season 7)
Hit by lorry whilst driving (presumed dead)
Died on Lynette's couch

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