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Is It Possible To Have A Dewgong In Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness, Without Trading?
Name ONE Of The 2 'Sun' Pokemon.
Name A Bug-Flying Type Pokemon In Generation 4, Beginning With The Letter C.
Name Any Pokemon That Had Its Debut Episode Banned.
What Pokemon Has The Highest Base Stat Defence?
In Pokemon Colloseum, Which Cipher Admin Has The Shadow Suicune?
What Is The Only Pokemon To Have An Attack Named After Them?
In What Episode Did James Obtain Mimr.Jr?
Name ONE Of Eevee's Evolutions.
Which Is The Only Gym Leader To Never Appear In The Anime?
Which Gym Leader Was Voted Scariest By A 4Kids Poll?
What Was The First Game Where A Girl Was A Playable Charactor?
Which Generation 3 Pokemon Was Added Just Before R&S's Release, Therefore Having To Remake The Game?
In What Episode Did Jessie Catch Lickitung?
In What Year Was Pokemon Red & Blue Dubbed Most Annoying Games?
In Pokemon 3: Spell Of The Unown, What Pokemon Does Mollie Use To Battle Misty's Staryu?
Haunter Is Half Ghost, But What Is Its Other Half?
How Was Cinnibar Island Destroyed?
In Pokemon: Rise Of Darkrai, What Pokemon Did Baron Alberto Turn Into?
AND FINALY... In The Diamond And Pearl BerryDex, What Is The Final Berry ON The List?

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