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Can you name the key elements of the movie Burn After Reading?

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Released in the year
Directed by these brothers
Written by
Produced by
Osbourne Cox
Played by
Katie Cox
Played by
Chad Feldheimer
Played by
Linda Litzke
Played by
Harry Pfarrer
Played by
Ted Treffon
Played by
Osbourne Cox worked for the ___ but quit.
Cox is writing his ______.
His wife, Katie, is having an affair with _____.
Katie wants to _______ her husband.
Harry is also having an affair with _____ (among others).
Linda sees the movie _______ __ _____ with Harry.
Chad and Linda work at __________.
A __ is left behind at the gym.
Chad and Linda try to _________ Osbourne.
Linda wants to use the money for _______ _______.
Osbourne punches Chad in the ____.
Chad and Linda try to sell the information to the ________.
Chad breaks into Harry's house and hides in the ______.
Harry shoots Chad in the ____.
Harry then tries to help Linda find ____.
Harry becomes paranoid and thinks that Linda is a ___.
Linda and Ted think the Russians have _________ Chad.
Ted agrees to look for more information on Osbourne's _______.
Osbourne shoots Ted and then kills him with a _______ and the movie pretty much ends. Not much was learned.
Pastor Terry Jones wants to burn the ______ on September 11th, 2010 after probably not reading it.

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